Side Projects

Never be boring.

Alexa Skill: Weather Score

I moved to New York City from California and was surprised by the amount of rain it has here. To me it feels like it's always raining. I was also curious about the climate in other cities in case I'd move again. Searching for historical weather info online isn't pain-free, you need to find a responsive site with good data visualization that fits your need. And surprisingly I didn't find an Alexa skill for past weather, they were all forecasting. So I wrote it myself.

Check it out if you would like to get familiar with the climate before moving to a new city or buying property there.

Home DIY: Audio Activated LED Strip

This is a hardware project I did in 2018. I wanted to propose to my then fiancée (now wife) with dreamy lighting and romantic music. So I had this idea of a DIY project. The parts involved were a Raspberry Pi, a breadboard, and a mic. With some serious wiring and a bit of code, this audio visualization was born. Though it was later destroyed by my cat Dover, it served its purpose and created precious memory.